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We specialize in residential property sales in San Francisco, Marin and Northern San Mateo Counties. We work with a sophisticated clientele who demands the most from their property. Whether you’re new to Bay Area real estate, a seasoned owner ready for a change, we will meet you where you are and add value to your property ownership path.

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We lend our experience to identify how your values can be enhanced through a adjustment to the market by a property sale and/or purchase.

With our experience in Bay Area Real Estate, personalized attention to detail, and results at the negotiation table ensure a smooth and successful transaction. Trust Redmond Realty to streamline the process and deliver results.


Trusts and Probate Specialist

The services we provide allow families, beneficiaries, administrators and conservators to focus on their important issues while we position your property for highest market value.  We offer an initial consultation to best understand your financial and timing goals.

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We then move forward targeting the solution that satisfies the beneficiaries, the court and the market.  We provide targeted local and regional marketing.  We cooperate with all realtors so no opportunity for a timely sale is missed.

We understand the probate code, the requirements of the court to handle offers, overbids, court confirmation and escrow to convey title.  We educate you on the process to anticipate surprises, provide clear communication and close on time.


Probate Law

Development and Investments

Bay Area real estate market presents lucrative investment opportunities, and Redmond Realty is here to help you capitalize on them. Whether you’re interested in residential, commercial or mixed use properties, our team has a deep understanding of the market dynamics and can guide you towards profitable ventures.

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We analyze tenant profiles, potential returns, identify properties with strong growth potential, and offer strategic advice to maximize your investment portfolio. With Redmond Realty, you can confidently navigate Bay Area real estate investments and unlock the doors to financial success.

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Redmond Realty - Over 40 years of experience, decades working with our community

We bring 40 years of experience to our clients looking to buy, sell or invest in residential and income properties in San Francisco, Marin or San Mateo counties.
Our brokerage focuses on our clients’ needs when buying or selling single-family homes, apartment buildings, condominiums and distressed properties. We also specialize in helping individuals and families navigate through the probate process and in trust administration.

The Bay Area’s real estate market is challenging, and we at Redmond Realty provide our clients with proven insights that provide value, solutions and results. Our real estate agents ensure that the process of buying a property, selling a property or exchanging a property is easy and stress free. With Redmond Realty, our agents cut through the red tape so that your probate home sale is as uncomplicated and swift as possible.

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